Soft Eject - Nine Mountains Away (2003) [Full Album]

The last album by popular Georgian folk rock band Soft Eject represents a really beautiful, instrumental take on truly progressive folk. Tight rhythm section sets the stage for ubiquitous flute and french horn soloing, interpreting Georgian folk motives with quite a deal of originality. (from YouTube info)

OMEGA - Live at Grille, Minden, Germany 1975

OMEGA - Live at Grille, Minden, Germany 1975-05-23

Very good audience recording of major Magyar prog-rock band at the peak of their hard-rock period, between albums Omega 5 and Nem Tudom a Neved. Enjoy

01 Nem Tudom A Neved
02 Régvárt Kedvesem
03 A Buvész
04 Gyöngyhajú Lány
05 Drum Solo
06 Mozgó Világ
07 Addig Élj! > Keyboard Solo > A Madár
08 Régvárt Kedvesem
09 Varázslator, Fehér Kö


János Kóbor - lead vocals
György Molnár - guitars
László Benko - keyboards, vocals
Tamás Mihály - bass, vocals
Ferenc Debreceni - drums

Recorded by Herb Smith, originally uploaded by Lucifer Burns on dimeadozen.org.
Remastering and tracks repair by miloo2

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