First jazz gig at wonderous Žižkostel, Prague, Czech Republic

World premiere of acoustic duo improvisation by two members of renowned quartet LiMBO - saxofonist a clarinetist Pavel Hrubý, founder of the band, and drummer Dušan Černák, wonderful Slovak talent and junior member of Limbo.

Second part of the evening is open to experimentation with significant role for COUNT PORTMON, 

Album of the week: HARRY MiLLER :: Different times, different places (2014)

Ogun OGCD 041 Different times, different places

Harry Miller, bass; Louis Moholo-Moholo, drums; Chris McGregor, piano (tracks 1-3); Keith Tippett, piano (tracks 4-7); Mike Osborne, alto saxophone; Marc Charig, trumpet (tracks 4-7); Nick Evans, trombone (tracks 1-3); Malcolm Griffiths, trombone (tracks 4-7).

    Bloomfield (06.08)
    Quandry (08.14)
    Touch hungry (09.04)
    Mofolo (12.53)
    Something like this (10.54)
    Touch hungry (12.54)
    Eli's song (17.12)

Tracks 1-3 recorded in London on 4 June 1973; tracks 4-7 recorded at the Chateauvallon Jazz Festival, France on 7 July 1976.