Silence speaks, music listens

Silence speaks, music listens - Observing through sound and silence

The ability to simply observe oneself in any situation reveals our almost continuous identification with the body and the mind. During this concert, the silence between the improvised pieces will give an unusual opportunity to witness this process even more clearly. Together, each of us will experience this awareness by a mixture of sound and silence, sometimes gentle, sometimes provocative, sometimes serious and sometimes not... pearls of sound on strings of silence.

December 16, 2o12 in Dajana, Jaurisova 4, Prague, from 7 pm: Special guest for this evening is Hearn Gadbois, His more than 35 year professional career brought him in collaboration with many world known artists - musicians and dancers from Patti Smith, Yoko Ono, Meredith Monk, Susan Deyhim, Robert Ean, Gabrielle Roth, Carther Burwell to Master musicians of Jajouka. In the 80's he was a member of popular alternative funk band Saqqara Dogs in New York. Hearn studied the rhythmical wisdom of many cultures - from Brazil, North Africa, Middle-East and Asia to India and developed his own unique style of playing on Tonbak, Dumbec, Frame drums, Daf and other self made instruments. After 9/11 he gradualy moved to Prague, where he composes his music, performs and teaches.

October 28, 2o12 in Dajana, Jaurisova 4, Prague from 7 pm: Special guest for this evening is Oskar Török, one of the top young trumpet players in Europe. He developed a highly personal style and is a rare musician who has mastered the complete range of the trumpet, from the energy laden high notes to the soft, velvety, almost wooden sounds. He plays with Iva Bittová, Vertigo, Sato-San To and others. Cyrille Oswald, a man behind the project, is a musician who uses various instruments and electronics to create soundscapes of many colours and shapes. Born in the Netherlands, he currently lives in Prague where he teaches music. He plays in a variety of ensembles such as the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, Wizzards of Oz, The Osmosis, Vitobrothers and others. The entrance fee is voluntary.

silence speaks, music listens - www.cyrille.eu

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