Light silently flies through empty dark

If you are here at my blogspace not for the first time, maybe you noticed a link to website of MAoK, unique musician from Slovakia, at the right side of page in My favourites column, or read previous small article about Maok. Now comes a time to announce his nearset Prague concert, named Advent tunings. To describe Maok's music, it is easy to use labels as ambient, ethno, world music or, maybe most precisely, meditation through music. And it is easy for you to decide for yourself by listening to samples at his newly and beautifuly designed website or by visiting his performance. This time (and not for the first time) in old Prague church & together with other Slovak artist, harp player Maria Kmeťková.

Advent tunings with Maok

Kostel Sv. Šimona a Judy, 
Dušní street, Praha 1

December 2nd, 2o12 from 6 p.m.

voice, guitar, flutes, Tibetan bowls, looper

harp, tenderness

...improvisation inspired by endless "Now"

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