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These are the samples from NTS - ZappornO on their producer's soudcloud profile:


From the album "Phoenix" (Amplion Records 2016)

Michal Nejtek - piano, keyboards
Pavel Hrubý - soprano, alto & tenor sax
Jaromír Honzák - double bass
Daniel Šoltis - drums, percussion

Spontaneous compositions by four Czech jazz & contemporary music masters, recorded August 2015 at Sono Records, Czech Republic. Produced by Alexej Charvát.

From the album "Kompas" (Amplion Records 2015)

Zuzana Dumková - vocals, electric guitar, slide guitar.
Marcel Bárta - tenor & soprano sax.
Josef Štěpánek - steel guitar.
Michal Nejtek - keyboards.
Andrés Ibarburu - bass guitar.
Miloš Dvořáček - drums.

Music, lyrics & arrangement by Zuzana Dumková.


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TBC... +  pavel-hruby-releases-his-first-solo-album

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