Red Baron Band in Futurum or 21st Century Hard Rock Band CZ

A bit of prog, if you like. Red Baron Band will play at Futurum Music Bar on May 3rd, concert will be accomapnied with video screening.  Current line up of this 70's-like prog / hard rock unit is Monika Infernalis - vocals, Pavel Kowacz - guitars, vocals, Mikuláš Čimbura - hammond organ, clavinet, mellotron, analog synths, Jarda Hynek - bass guitar, Radek Horník - drums. RBB draws inspiration from classic hard rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple or Uriah Heep, as well as from some prog acts (listen to Song For Derek Shulman from their second album In The Light for example). They released four albums in between 2ooo-2o1o, last one is named Reflections. On some of them they invited guest players including saxophonist Jakub Doležal, pianist Emil Viklický (in his first appearance on moog after many years), singer Zuzana Michnová of Marsyas band or vibraphonist Radek Krampl. There will be another band Maria Scare in Fururum Music Bar.



  1. Red Baron? More like Crimson King?

  2. But jokes aside, this is actually somme sweet prog.

    1. Thank you Czysy, I will pass your praise to band :) There is actually more articles on them, check the tag / label !