... and here we are again: Fates Warning and The Rudder

Super-energetic Amarican quartet THE RUDDER plays two nights at Jazz Dock:  March 14th and 15th will see Chris Cheek (saxes), Henry Hey (keyboards), Tim Lefebvre (bass) and Keith Carlock (drums) back in Prague's prominent jazz club. Their last release is dvd Live at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC (Nineteen-Eight Records 2o11).

Progressive metal legends FATES WARNiNG from Connecticut will play their first ever Czech concert at Exit-us club (located on new address, Sokolovská 195) on Sunday, March 18th. They were playing in Galanta, Slovakia in 1990, during their Perfect Symmetry tour. Since then, FW became progmetal gods with relatively spare released output - their last album FWX dates back to 2oo4! In 2o1o, Fates Warning did a reunion tour, celebrating expanded reissue of their most succesful album Parallels (Metal Blade, originally 1991). Band's mastermind, guitarist and composer Jim Matheos is now joined by colourful Ray Alder on vocals (with FW since 1988, when he replaced John Arch and contributed on No Exit album), guitarist Frank Aresti (member since third album Awaken The Guardian, temporarily left the band between 1996 and 2003), bass player Joey Vera (with FW from 1997, A Pleasant Shade Of Gray period) and drummer Bobby Jarzombek (tour member since 2oo7). Support act for Prague concert will be Czech Sebastien, who recorded their debut album Tears of White Roses (Escape Music 2o1o) with production help of Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween).

When Fates Warning started in first half of 80's with original singer John Arch, second guitar player Victor Arduini, bassist Joe DiBiase and drummer Steve Zimmerman, they were real heavy metal unit influenced by NWOBH, particulalry by British originals Iron Maiden. With gradual personal changes, their sound became more and more cultivated, sophisticated, progressive... Another comparison cited frequently during Perfect Symmetry (first with phenomenal Mark Zonder on drums) and Parallels times were Queensryche, but in fact FW were always going their own way, paralleled by other genre stalwarts like Dream Theater or mentioned Seattle stars. And what somebody calls 'commercial' or poppish regarding Parallels album, is IMHO really great songwriting with clever arrangements and timeless lyrics. In later work, FW became more or less heavy sounding at times. On Disconnected (Metal Blade 2ooo) album's closing track, a very special sample is used - a voice recorded during the following event: 'On the first of October 1960 a voice manifested in space in the seance-room of British medium Leslie Flint which claimed to be that of the late Dr. Gordon Cosmo Lang, the former Archbishop of Canterbury (1864 - 1945).' More information on this event here.

"And I say to you, there is only one way in which the world can be saved from itself and that is by the realisation that love overcometh all things. That those who have gone before you are concerned for you, each one. But we come back to your world endeavouring to break down the barriers that you have created by foolishness and ignorance over the centuries and we knock at your door, hoping and praying that you will open just a little, that we may enter therein and save you from yourselves."

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