Limbo 10th Anniversary at Jazz Dock

Czech group Limbo, brainchild of saxophonist Pavel Hruby, belongs to top jazz acts in Czech Republic from its beginning.  Their second album Kalimbo was nominated for music prize Andel in Jazz & Blues category in 2008, same year they received regional prize Sagittarius in Kadaň as the best concert act in alternative genre..During its existence, Limbo undewent some personal changes and in 2010 parallel electro-acoustic version was established, aside original acoustic quartet. Limbo played numerous jazz festivals in Czech and Europe and countless club concarts. Both line-ups of this special band with guesting original drummer Milos Dvoracek will celebrate 10th anniversary on the scene with special concert at Jazz Dock in Prague. Documentary movie about the band will also be screened during the concert break. Friday night with Limbo on Friday, November 14th will start at 8PM..

LiMBO (acoustic) :
Pavel Hrubý – saxes, bassclarinet
František Kučera – trumpet, fluegelhorn
Taras Voloshchuk – double bass
Miloš Dvořáček – drums
Dušan Černák – drums

LiMBO (electro – acoustic) :
Pavel Hrubý – saxes
Michal Nejtek – piano, keyboards
Jiří Šimek – el. guitar, el. boxes
Tomáš Liška – double bass
Martin Kopřiva – drums
Tomáš Reindl – percussion

LiMBO (Self-released 2005, mp3 reissue Signals from Arkaim 2013)
KALiMBO (Amplion 2007)
OUT OF BODY (Amplion 2009)  [electro-acoustic version]
KONCERT (Poli5 2012)

Mixed set of tracks from all four Limbo albums at Soundcloud

First Limbo album can be also downloaded in flac format from inconstant sol blog.


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