Album of the week. HAMiD DRAKE & MiCHAEL ZERANG - Ask The Sun (USA 1997)

Tribal-hypno acoustic duets by two masters of percussion and drum instruments.

Hamid Drake — tabla, drum set, djimbe, conga, frame drum, bells, gongs, shakers, cymbals, tambourine, didjeridoo, voice (Zirk of the Heart)
Michael Zerang — dumbek, frame drums, tambourine, drum set, trap set, dawoola, bells, gongs, cymbals, chimes, bass drums, didjeridoo

Recorded at Airwave Studios, Chicago, IL, September 14-15, 1995
("The Black Basement" recorded live at Club Lower Links, Chicago, IL, May 19, 1991 by Sundell Close)

Released on OkkaDiask, 1997

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