Eniesa launches her second album DomoRAJ

Prague-based label Zebra and Cloud releases second album of Slovak singer, songwriter and multiinstrumentalist Eniesa, titled domoRAJ (aka homePARADISE). Eniesa (previously also San) is a wonderful talent, who, aside of her Slovakian home and Czech Republic, travels to other countries to discover new cultures and people with her life and musical partner Maok. In her songs, she sings about magic woods, underwater worlds, dreamlands where flowers flies and animals are flowering, stories about tender fairies and green pixies. Eniesa plays mostly acoustic guitar and santur (small cymbalom-like instrument), on which she also accompanies Maok in concerts. And vice versa, Maok plays his musical role at Eniesa's concerts and recordings, including her first, self-released album 333 to Nussein (2o13).

Eniesa talks about new album:
"DomoRAJ album is, to word and letter, to chord and tone, mine present home. This home shire is myself in fact. It is a story about little fairy, who flies through world and vitnesses many in elements around her. Once she is drowning in salty water, she is boggled by stones, burned by passion or blown away out of this world. And other time she is swimming in gentle waves, planting trees with hands in soil, warming up in rays of sun, until wind will softly stroke her face. This is earth fairy, this is scene in mine, this is me, this is homePARADiSE"

DomoRAJ was released on June 6, and you can order it as CD or download (mp3 or flac) from Zebra and Cloud website. Eniesa launches new album with series of concerts, that of Prague will happen on June 21 at Divadlo Kampa from 7PM. On stage with beautiful fairy Eniesa will be Maok - guitar and bow, Peter Tomko - viola da gamba, spacedrum, Pavol Jeňo - trumpet and Tomi Beneš - percussion.

Divadlo Kampa, June 21, 2o16 -- FB event

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