Graphic scores of Jan Steklík by diverse line-ups

Jan Steklík (born June 5, 1938 in Ústí nad Orlicí) is Czech graphic artist, solitaire, co-founder of legendary Křižovnice School of Clear Humour without Joke. Graphic scores (or Grafické partitury in Czech) represents small part of his large output, full of soft humour, irony and refined style. Steklík created them sometimes in 70's, and they probably remained unplayed until recent years, when group of musicians, organised by enthusiast and art historian Pavel Straka, started series of performances at various places. Graphic scores are of course good vehicle for improvisation and inspired playing, so result is as much adventurous as Steklík's paintings inside and between stave. Playing at various times  were Mikoláš Chadima, Michal Hrubý and Jan Grunt - tenor saxophones, Petr Tichý - double bass, Adriana Voráčková - violoncello, Zsolt Sőrés - electronics and 5-string viola, Anna Romanovská - violin and koto, Vlastislav Matoušek - fretless bass guitar, Jan Faix and Jan Polanský - electronics, Tomáš Míka - banjo and Kateřina Vožická - hurdy gurdy. Album was released by Guerilla Records in late 2o15.

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