Music Stimuli & Top 7 albums of Czech jazz 2o1o

Stimul Festival 2o11 - May 9th, May 13th (Stian Westerhus @ Archa theatre)...

Den Evropy - free festival at Old Town Square on May 9th, also in Ostrava
Among others, there will be special line-up of singers Lenka Dusilová & Dorota Barová with members of Vertigo from 7PM at Staromák ;D

Free improvisation electro-acoustic duo Christof Kurzmann & Crys Cole plays as part of Jazz Meets World series on May 12th at www.skolska28.cz. Concert starts early enough to catch beginning of Soft Machine Legacy at Lucerna Music Bar... :7)  Before it you can listen to my radio programme on Soft Machine, made before their Prague concert back in 2oo8.

On May 11 & 12, trio of American pianist Aaron Goldberg with Reginal Veal (bass) and Gregory Hutchinson (drums) is playing at Jazz Dock. I heard recently his album Worlds (Sunnyside 2oo6) with top class colleagues, bassist Reuben Rogers and master drummer Eric Harland, which contains very inventive composing and playing within so-called modern jazz tradition. His current bandmates are no less of high profile and Gregory has good link to Czech jazz, as he is playing on NY date It's About Time (Animal Music 2o1o) with NajPonk (Fender Rhodes) and Ondřej Pivec (Hammond organ). Album was awarded with annual Angel prize in jazz & blues category for last year by Czech Academy of Popular Music.

On Wednesday, May 11th, there is also interesting concert at Kaštan club. French sax / bass / drums jazz punk trio Les Yeux de la Tête (in fact they are doing whole Czech tour recently, check their MySpace profile via hyperlink in case of interest) will be preceeded on stage of very friendly place at Prague Břevnov district by Skrytý půvab byrokracie (or Hidden Charm of Beaurocracy), alternative rock unit including now Jan Faix of Tembryo on synths & beats.

On Friday, May 13th, at Jazz Dock will be launched first solo project by Jaryn Janek, prolific bass guitar player of Czech jazz, rock and pop scene. Now Jaryn introduces himself as composer of very nice and listener-friendly overgenre songs via album Ty lidi (These People, released by Indies Scope), on which he gathered impressive cast of players and mostly female singers. All Martina Fišerová, Lenka Dusilová, Marek Dusil, Markéta Foukalová of Lanugo, Dorota Barová, Jana Šteflíčková and Eva Turnová of Plastic People of the Universe and E-turnity promised to be there. Such a lovely company, which can turn Friday the 13th into pleasant evening!

What i missed here was impro-ambient evening at Charles University student club K4 on May 9th, but funnily enough i was there by complete coincidence. Great performances, especially by Vertigo pianist Vojtěch Procházka (2 early evening concerts of  his own jazz trio with former Norweigian schoolmates at Jazz Dock on May 18 & 19) and visual artist / sound manipulator Martin Blažíček. So many things happening now in Prague, if it will continue this way, we will have our own Freedom Of The City festival here soon ;7D  Now, watch also for Bards of Bohemia dance, music & poetry evening in Celetná 20 with Zdenka Trvalcová & Michal Stulík, Damonica and Samuel Hain of Cain da Breth, Steve Hubback, Gela Poshikova and Morianne.


My Top 7 albums of CZ jazz & impro 2o1o:

TOMÁŠ HOBZEK - Stick It Out (Animal Music)
Cyrille Oswald – tenor sax, Dan Tepfer - piano, Tomáš Liška - double bass, Tomáš Hobzek - drums.

When i listened to this album first i forgot completely that was made near Prague. And adventure keeps continuing with Tomáš, Tomáš and Cyrille ~ i dont know Dan much yet. Overall feeling is much like smart modern acoustic jazz, not without intuition. Watch them.

ŘEJ ŠTVERÁČEK QUARTET - What's Outside (Cube-Metier)
řej Štveráček - tenor sax, Ondrej Krajňák - piano, Tomáš Baroš - double bass, Marián Ševčík - drums, Radek Němejc - percussion on Three For Kate, Africa and Get Out Of Town.
Keep meeting Ondřej since years ago, when he played middle period Coltrane almost exclusively. Since then, he found ideal bandmates in Slovakia. His first project as a leader is, no wonder, traneing in straight ahead ;b  Central piece of the album is famous Africa, not to mention beautiful ballads. Once, at Jazz Černošice, Ondřej's quartet used Luboš Šrámek on electric keyboard instead of Ondrej K on acoustic, and it was a different kind of blue. 
Otherwise, these guys  are funniest partners at the bar after the show and did also Jazz at Prague Castle live album (Multisonic 2o11), which has one major minus ~ it is too short.

TEMBRYO (Fluidum Records)
Jan Faix
- piano, synths; Filip
Černý - guitar, live electronics; Jan Kyncl - tenor sax.
Released as free mp3 download and limited edition on USB key in 1o pcs of originally designed big safety matches boxes. 
First class european free improvisation in more acoustic setting than are their actual performances. Try it ;;;

VOJTĚCH PROCHÁZKA TRiO - Amoeba's Dance (Animal Music) 
Vojtěch Procházka - piano; Adrian Fiskum Myhr - double bass; Tore T. Sandbakken - drums.
Trio launched during Vojta's studies in Oslo with former schoolmates. Original compositions plus pieces by Herbie Nichols, Kurt Weill, Paul Motian and Ornette Coleman. On their concerts, they are actually mostly improvising, as you can hear on Procházka's MySpace. And this albums has one of most enjoyable cover arts in Animal Music catalogue.

POiNTS (Animal Music) 
Luboš Soukup - tenor and soprano saxes, clarinet, vocal; Miroslav Hloucal - trumpet and flugelhorn, kalimba; Tomáš Liška - double bass; Tomáš Hobzek – drums and percussion. Guests: Petr Kalfus - alto and soprano saxes; Marcel Bárta – bass clarinet; Jan Jirucha Jr. – trombone; Dorota Barová - vocal; Milan Cimfe - percussion.

I also like their live album from Jazz Getxo (Errabal 2oo9)

... tbc ...

And a DOT to round and shape this furure :7)

JiŘí STiVíN & COLLEGiUM QUODLIBET Journeys Deep Into Musical Past (Arta Records)
This album is not from 2o1o, but i was listening to it a lot during last year and it has timeless qualities. Stivín’s newest major studio project incorporates perfectly (jazz) improvisation with ancient music, using medieval and renaissance songs, trained singers, old instruments and percussionist Alan Vitouš. 

[ bought it from artist’s shops or, at least, do not pay stealers ]

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