Multiinstrumentalist, singer, composer, improviser and one of the much-loved artists of our region, MAoK from Polianka, Slovakia, plays koncert at Jedna báseň tearoom from 8PM. Check free downloads on his website, including music for Juraj Jakubisko movie Bathory or get his album Komoarivaasiabacho for free at Last.fm. And i found nice blog of the same name just now at http://komoarivasiabacho.blogspot.com :~}

Trio of American tenor saxophone player AVRAM FEFER (Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures a.o.) with double bassist ERiC REViS (Branford Marsalis, Kurt Rosenwinkel a.o.) and drummer CHAD TAYLOR (Chicago Underground Duo, Trio, Quartet and Orchestra, Iron and Wine, Isotope 217) plays as part of Jazz Meets World series at Jazz Time from 9PM. Trio released album Ritual on exciting Portuguese label Clean Feed in 2oo9. Shepp in Wolve's Clothing is title of one of their tunes and it will give you a clue to what you can expect from this free edge music unit.

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