~what iS PROG? ~ARE they iMPROViSiNG? ~DOES their band SWiNG?

Ian Anderson plays best of JETHRO TULL - May 27, Congress Centre, Vyšehrad

Radomil Uhlíř / Kvartet Dr. Konopného in new proramme Nádoby / Vessels, with guests Gajda~Hlávka~Charitonov trio - May 30, Rybanaruby, Mánesova 87, Vinohrady


URiAH HEEP - May 24, KC Vltavska, Praha

1, Hard rock dinosaurs in eyes and ears of many people for long years. But... listen to their tuned vocal polyharmonics, weird guitars, propelling bass and weaving organs! Listen to their Salisbury suite from  album of the same name, released 1971!! And Ken Hensley's song lyrics !!!

Circle of Hands (Demons and Wizards, 1972)

2, As every good hard rock band, they are improvising at least in instrumental solos. But, in this case, not very often.

Oh! And they have a lot of album covers drawn by Roger Dean ;DDD ... Listen to my special compilation of 1970~78 Ken Hensley songs here.

JUDAS PRiEST - May 28, O2 Arena, Praha

1, They were surely pioneers in heavy metal genre, alongside oldest colleagues in service and fellow countrymen Black Sabbath. They did cover of Joan Baez's song Diamonds and Rust in 1977, through song Running Wild they gave name to 2nd generation heavy metal unit from Hamburg (a.o.), and their album British Steel defined New Wave of British Heavy Metal in 1980.

2, I think yes, mostly in guitar solo's codas.

3, Difficult question. In early years (mid & late 7o's) for sure.

United (British Steel, 1980)

WHiTESNAKE - May 28, O2 Arena, Praha

1, In this case, David Coverdale's Whitesnake were always closer to tradition of blues, hard rock or heavy metal. In words and music too. Some of their early 8o's songs became major wordlwide hits, when David re-recorded them with new line-ups several years later.

2, David's singing is different from one performance to other. And guitar, organ, bass & drums solos!

3, Yes. But i must say, i strongly prefer { Coverdale~ (Dowd~) Paice~ (Powell~) Lord~ Murray~ Marsden~ Moody~ } combinations over later versions.

Come An' Get It (Come An' Get It, 1981)

iRON MAiDEN - June 11, Výstaviště, Praha-Holešovice, Sonisphere festival

1, Their roots are in punk, as well as in early heavy metal. Their name was synonym for Margaret Thatcher, rather tan for medieval torture instrument. Their double (or recently triple) voiced guitar solos are almost unprecented. They were the first heavy metal band, whose album was palyed in its entirety on Czech radio 3 - Vltava, in Rytmus programme, and make strong impact, even if spoken introductions to The Number Of The Beast and The Prisoner songs were censored there and former song started in middle of the second verse.

2, Hm, tell me where. Maybe in song's codas - mela or mills, as Freeway Jam guys used to say.

3, Like hell.

Aces High (Powerslave, 1984)

MARiAN VARGA - May 29, Vagon club, Národní třída
Marian, Slovak music composer, improviser and keyboard player is undisputted master of middle-earth progressive circles.

RED BARON BAND - May 29, Vagon club, Národní třída
Read my earlier article about them.

UŽ jSME DOMA - May 31, Lucerna Music Bar, Praha, band's 2.000th concert

1, 2, 3, Yes

They released their latest album Jeskyně / Caves on adventurous music label Cuneiform from Silver Spring, Maryland.

Mám rád ty co začínaj Mám rád ty co začínaj Mám rád ty co začínaj
Rozlišovat Jó nebo nebo

Mu je ha (Unloved World, 1992)

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