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Long-term working team with veteran of numerous landmark trios, sensitive bass guitarist Steve Swallow, versatile drummer Adam Nussbaum (member of John Abercdrombie's 90's organ trio) and NY based saxophone player and composer of Izraeli origin Ohad Talmor, frequent collaborator of alto sax legend Lee Konitz, is again coming to Prague. Their concert in Jazz Time on Tuesday, September 20th, is part of ongoing Jazz Meets World series and starts at 9PM, as usually. More interesting JMW concerts is following in September and October.

September 23rd, 8PM, Jazz Time, Krakovská 19, Praha 1

Trio Hot (D/B)
Theo Joergensmann - clarinet / Peter Jacquemyn - double bass / Albrecht Maurer - violin

Bouge (D/F/NL)
Johannes Bauer - trombone / Isabelle Duthoit - voc, clarinet / Luc Ex - bass guitar

September 24th, 8PM, Jazz Time, Krakovská 19, Praha 1

Sabir Mateen Ensemble (USA/D)
Sabir Mateen - sax, flute / Christopher Dell - vibes / Christian Ramond - double bass / Klaus Kugel - drums

Charles Gayle Trio (USA/GB)
Charles Gayle - tenor sax, piano / Jonathan Robinson - double bass / Roger Turner - drums ~~~~ WAS GREAT ~~~

Ron Carter Trio @ Prague Castle, Avishai Cohen @ Strings of Autumn and more at Jazz Meets World website


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