Early autumn brings...

A number of interesting concerts is scheduled for September and later in the autumn. Cellist, singer and songwriter DOROTA BAROVÁ will be launching her first solo album titled feat. Dorota Barová (Indies Scope) in Archa Theatre, Prague on September 11th and Fléda Club, Brno on 12th. Album is actually a portrait, made of her contributions to various projects, both as a a member (Tara Fuki, Kuzmich Orchestra, Vertigo, Doma Ensemble or Baterky) or guest (Lenka Dusilová, Jaryn Janek, Jaromír Honzák Quintet, Points, Květy a.o.). Five tracks are unreleased before, including Baterky, Kuzmich Orchestra and Dorota's song Poległym, written for the movie Lidice and recorded here in new arrangement with Bucinatores Orchestra. Five more songs, which did not find the way to final CD order, are featured as free mp3 download on album's label page. Both concerts will feature Dorota Barová with Tara Fuki, Lenka Dusilová, Vertigo, Kuzmich Orchestra and DoMa Ensemble, in Archa there will be also bass guitarist Jaryn Janek.

Rybanaruby club offers sound seekers trio DREAMERS CROSSiNG on September 11th - Jaroslav Kořán, Michael Delia and Martin Janíček are playing various percussion and self-made instruments including mbira and The Horologe of Dreamers. Their project was successfuly presented at many CZ and world venues, a.o.Knitting Factory in New York. Percussion vibes are everpresent in Rybanaruby (including numerous workshops), so it is no surprise to see highly respected ALAN ViTOUŠ in his ongoing project Bubny pro radost (Drums for joy) there on September 13th, this time exclusively on metal precussion instruments with Tonda Hlávka and Papis  Nyass. In between, on September 12th, intimate space of Rybanaruby will be hosting YELLOW SiSTERS, all-female vocal quartet in the evening of fully improvised songs. Another evening of free improvisation, this time possibly more jazz-rooted, will occur there at October 8th with saxophonists Petr Kalfus, Michal Wroblewski (from Poland), guitarist Jan Pisklák and drummer Jan Chalupa. You have to know that Rybanaruby has also tearoom and shop with ethnic instruments and assorted goodies, open every day except Sunday from 2PM. And their website include fine music player with wide variety of live recordings made in the club!

Daily concerts at Jazz Dock include trio of French bassist JEAN-PiERRE FOURMET (with Christophe Motury on trumpet and Stefan Orins on piano) on September 10th, KULHÁNEK-HOLEČEK-RAZíM-KOWACZ quartet on 11th, two nights with VERTiGO (16th & 17th), Days of Slovak Jazz between September 27th and 29th and three mostly American guitar trios in next months: WiLL BERNARD with Will Blades on organ and Simon Lott on drums (October 10th), SCOTT HENDERSON with JEFF BERLiN and DENNiS CHAMBERS (October 12th) and JOHN SCOFiELD with STEVE SWALLOW & BiLL STEWART (November 11th).

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