Red Baron Band in Futurum or 21st Century Hard Rock Band CZ

A bit of prog, if you like. Red Baron Band will play at Futurum Music Bar on May 3rd, concert will be accomapnied with video screening.  Current line up of this 70's-like prog / hard rock unit is Monika Infernalis - vocals, Pavel Kowacz - guitars, vocals, Mikuláš Čimbura - hammond organ, clavinet, mellotron, analog synths, Jarda Hynek - bass guitar, Radek Horník - drums. RBB draws inspiration from classic hard rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple or Uriah Heep, as well as from some prog acts (listen to Song For Derek Shulman from their second album In The Light for example). They released four albums in between 2ooo-2o1o, last one is named Reflections. On some of them they invited guest players including saxophonist Jakub Doležal, pianist Emil Viklický (in his first appearance on moog after many years), singer Zuzana Michnová of Marsyas band or vibraphonist Radek Krampl. There will be another band Maria Scare in Fururum Music Bar.



Polish prog-blues legend at Vagon & other treats of the week

Polish, or actually Polish / Hungarian trio SBB (Józef Skrzek - keyboards, bass, vocals, Apostolis Anthimos - guitars, Gábor Neméth - drums) is paying at Vagon club on April 27th.

Fanfán Tulipán
On Thursday 28th, there is another premium evening of Mladí ladí jazz at Jazz Dock with quartet of Hungarian singer THEA SOTi, Czech trio LESNí ZVĚŘ and Slovak AMC TRiO with Italian guitarist RUGGERO ROBiN as guest, public recording of Euroradio Jazz Session 2o1o-2o11 with FANFÁN TULIPÁN (winner of last year's Mladí ladí jazz contest) and Big Band of Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory under direction of Jan Hála (his fusion band HOT LiNE recently released new album Story Telling in radically renewed line-up on Arta Records) at Studio A of Czech Radio in Karlín and again spontaneous music trio TELLEMARKK at V podkroví gallery during closing evening of exhibition Flora by Rastr art group.

On Friday, April 29, another improvising unit ORLOJ SNiVCŮ (The Horologe of Dreamers) will play at Rybanaruby club. Line-up will be Milli Janatková - voice & percussion, Agnes Kutas - violin & voice, Michael Delia - mbiras, voice, percussion & horologe, Jaroslav Kořán - horologe of dreamers, percussion & sound mix. You can find some free mp3 on their website.

On Sunday, May 1st, four Czech cinemas will provide real-time transmission of JAMiE COLLUM concert from Cheltenham Jazz Festival in England.

Jazz Meets World series announced new exciting concert for May 7th - FREE FORM FUNKY FREQS, comprised of Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid with eccentric bass guitar player Jamalaadeen Tacuma (of Ornette Coleman's Prime Time) and drummer Calvin Weston at Jazz Time. Flamenco trio of Spanish pianist DORANTES will play previous evening, May 6th at Divadlo U hasičů.

Neigbourhood blog article of intersest > FRGK - Soft Machine: Sweet Music - Live & Rare 1966-69. [warning: some of the live tracks are sounding very poorly, but others are excellent, as they are taken from official releases]

SOFT MACHiNE (LEGACY) will play in Lucerna Music Bar on May 12th as part of AghaRTA Prague Jazz Festival, in which nearest concert is RiCHARD BONA GROUP at Hybernia Theatre on May 4th.

And last but not least, another neighbour blog Prague Jazz started working properly again after some time of silence.


Tellemarkk on Sarurday, Vertigo on Easter Monday and Tuesday too

Improvising unit Tellemarkk, founded by Pavel Hrubý of Limbo and universal multiinstrumentalist Tomáš Reindl, who alredy released his multi-tracked solo album Omnion on Amplión Records, is playing tomorrow in Dejvice, at Café Potrvá from 8PM. Pavel (saxes, bass clarinet, voice) and Tomáš (drums & percussion, tabla, didjeridu, pre-clarinet, blues harp, voice) were joined later by singing cellist Dorota Barová of Vertigo and Tara Fuki and in January they launched their first, self released album Koncert ze staré synagogy v Plzni, recorded previous year with trumpet player František Kučera of Limbo acoustic line-up as guest. Café Potrvá is starting series of regular jazz and improvised music concerts - hooray !!!

On Easter Monday, and also on Tuesday, April 25+26, new album Metamorphosis of  Prague based sextet Vertigo will be launched Jazz Dock. One of recent top Czech jazz bands was founded in late 2oo2 by five young, but already experienced musicians, originated from different parts of Czech or Slovak Republic. Their first album Vertigo Quintet (Amplión 2oo5) was awarded with prestigious Gold Angel (formerly Czech Grammy) in Jazz & Blues category and brings pure acoustic contemporay jazz, close to ECM aesthetics. After second album Live U Staré Paní (now defuncted, nice Prague jazz club), with guest singer Lenka Dusilová on one and ad hoc string quartet in two compositions, again on Amplión Records in 2oo6, they attracted Spanish Fresh Sound New Talent label, but somehow it did not happened. What happened was collaboration with Silesian cello player and vocalist Dorota Barová, after Quintet and his indivdual members guested on third album Auris (Indies Scope 2oo7) of highly original dual vocals / cello duo Tara Fuki, and moving under new label, ambitious Animal Music. Here was their 2nd studio work, named Vertigo Quintet & Dorota Barová, released in 2oo8. Marcel Bárta (soprano, alto & tenor saxes, bass clarinet), Oskar Török (trumpet), Vojtěch Procházka (piano), Rasislav Uhrik (double  bass) and Daniel Šoltis (drums; all members also play small percussion and other various instruments on new album) are focusing also on other projects in between playing with sextet, which shortened his name to Vertigo, with Dorota as permanent member now. Metamorphosis is probably their most ambitious project to date (as all previous albums, comprised only of individual members' original compositions, this time mostly penned by Marcel Bárta) and is being released again by Animal Music as label's second output this year. After few listenings I can highly recommend it, as well as Tellemarkk cd :o)))


Adam Pieronczyk / Gary Thomas Quintet plays music of Krzystof Komeda and Mladí ladí jazz or The Young Ones Are Tuning Jazz contest

Quatro Formaggi: Jan Bálek
At Friday, there was first concert of 4 current evenings from The Young Ones Are Tuning Jazz project at Jazz Time in Prague (sorry I forget to mention it in previous week listing). After the set of last year's volume winners, Fanfán Tulipán quintet, who already released their debut album via Czech Radio label Radioservis, first band in competition took place at stage. Fusion quartet Quatro Formaggi from Prague set standards very high and showed virtusity in original compositions, ranked into jazz-rock area occupied by Weather Report and some more latin-funk acts since 70's.

Fliud Culture: Tomáš Bouda, Iva Šulcová
Next was another jazz rock, or more precisely prog quartet Fluid Culture, originated from North Czech, with very fine, unusual original compostions, dense arrangemts and guitar player Tomáš Bouda, who learned a lot from Allan Holdsworth without being a clone. Third band in competition was quartet 4Leaf from East Czech with more traditional jazz sound. First prize include sponsoring from Metropolitan University Prague for realisation of debut album.

Jan Kořínek & Groove
After announcing of winner, or final order of contest (which was, not surprisingly, exactly the same as stage order of bands) and best soloist (drummer Dušan Černák from Quatro Formaggi) due to 5 headed experts / musicians jury, there was nice closing set of hammond drived jazz / blues line-up Jan Kořínek & Groove featuring pianist NajPonk and tenor sax player Osian Roberts.

Mladí ladí jazz project continues in next 3 weeks: on Friday, April 22 at Jazz Republic club (On Line Session, Robert Balzar Trio and French Matmon Jazz by DJ Ordoeuvre), Thursday, April 24 at  Jazzdock (Thea Soti Quartet from Hungary, Lesní zvěř and Slovak AMC Trio with Ruggero Robin from Italy) and on Thursday, May 5 at Divadlo Na Prádle (announcement of contest winners and Metropolitan University Prize, concert of Czech Harmcore and Slovak trumpet player Laco Deczi with his Celula New York band).

This Monaday evening at Jazz Time is dedicated to music of great Polish jazz pianist and film music composer Krzystof Komeda in new arrangements of soprano and tenor sax player Adam Pieronczyk, who co-leads international quintet with his instrument colleague from United States, respected tenor player Gary Thomas. Concert is part of Jazz Meets World series. 

On Wednesday, April 20, improvising Portuguese Open Field String Trio comprised of João Camões (viola), José Miguel Pereira (double bass) and Marcelo dos Reis (nylon string guitar) is playing at K4 club.

Open Field String Trio


Steve Hubback presents Nadia Birkenstock

NADiA BIRKENSTOCK (celtic harp & song) with STEVE HUBBACK (percussion)

April 16, K4 club, Celetná 20, 7:30PM

The leading German folk magazine Folker writes about Nadia Birkenstock that “there should be a law against this: that someone has such a wonderful, pure voice, is able to play the harp like that and on top of it, manages to do both at the same time! And the whole thing in such a relaxed and natural fashion, that you just dream on, delighted, from one song or tune into the next...” The Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine” in Germany calls her simply “an exceptional artist“ and the French newspaper “Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace” says: “The clarity of her voice, her extraordinary touch and her grace captivate her audience.”

Over the last few years, harpist and singer Nadia Birkenstock has earned herself an excellent reputation as an interpreter of Irish, Scottish and English folksongs.
Her original songs from her latest album “Strange New Land” reveal powerful and expressive music full of luminescence, entwined with lyrics both poetic and sometimes twinkling with humour. Nadia’s distinctive songwriting style reflects a passionate “joie de vivre” and alluring melodies which transport the listener.
Her beautiful, flexible voice forms a magical unity with the soundscapes of her harp. At the same time her excellent harp technique allows her to create intricate arrangements of great variety and finesse. With sonorous bass notes, groovy rhythms, shining arpeggios and crystal clear descant notes, Nadia continues to establish the harp as a singer-songwriter instrument.
Nadia was born in the North-West of Germany and started her vocal training on a 1-year scholarship at Westover School in Connecticut. Afterwards she studied voice at the conservatory of Düsseldorf in Germany and attended harp master classes with Kim Robertson (USA), Bill Taylor (Scotland) and others. During her vocal studies she created her first solo performance program for Celtic harp and voice. This was very successful and Nadia has since appeared to great acclaim in concerts at festivals, folk-clubs, concert halls, churches, castles and many other stunning venues in Central Europe.

regarding Steve, percussionist, sound sculptor & metalkymist, check my previous post.


McCoy Tyner Quartet at Prague Castle, Wakushoppu 0.3 in Café v lese & more

This week starts with quartet of longtime John Coltrane sideman, pianist McCOY TYNER (with Gary Bartz - alto sax, Gerald Cannon - double bass, Eric Gravatt - drums; update - on drums was Francisco Mela and Bartz played also curved soprano. Highlight for me was Tyner's ballad Search For Peace, last piece before encore. I believe concert video will be soon available at jazznahrade.cz under Zaznamy z koncertu flag) in palatial Spanish Hall of Prague Castle on Monday, April 11. On Tuesday, there is great postbop quartet of virtuoso tenor saxophonist Ondřej Štveráček at Jazz Dock (with his Slovak bandmates Ondrej Krajňák - p, Tomáš Baroš - db, and Marián Ševčík - dr), who released very fine album What's Outside (Cube-Metier) last year, and Swiss CHRISTPH STIEFEL INNER LANGUAGE TRIO at Jazz Time same day. Electric jazz Swedish THE STONER with Czech guitar prodigy DAVID DORŮŽKA will play at Divadlo 29 in Pardubice on Wednesday, at Prague Jazz Dock for next two days and at JAZZFEST BRNO, which is going into full flow, on Saturday.

On Wednesday, April 13, there is also quartet of black American singer CARLA COOK at Jazz Time, where Jazz Meets World series continues next evening with voice acrobat from Cameroon GINO SITSON and his French/American quartet featuring Lonnie Plaxico on bass. Same days, Wed/Thu, at Lucerna Music Bar will appear bands of American guitarists MIKE STERN and DEAN BROWN as part of AghRTA Prague Jazz Festival. Saturday concerts include TIRTHA - pianist Vijay Iyer's Indian trio with guitarist Prasanna and tabla player Nitin Mitta at Jazz Time, and duo of German singer and celtic harp player NADIA BIRKENSTOCK with Prague based Welsh percussionist and metal sculptor STEVE HUBBACK at K4 club. 

Not enough?
At Café v lese in Prague district Vršovice you can witness evening entitled Wakushoppu 0.3 with free improvisers TEMBRYO (free album download here) and K!amm / PelikáN on Wednesday 13th. Next week will happen launch concerts of brand new album Metamorphosis (Animal Music) by VERTIGO sextet (formerly Vertigo Quintet and then Vertigo Quintet & Dorota Barová) at Jazz Dock. Speaking about METAMORPHOSIS, if you will be around Pardubice on Friday, international quartet of the same name will present their 'contaminated chamber music' at Divadlo 29. Their latest two albums were released by renowned freejazz label Leo Records and band is offering 7 tracks from them for free download.

Too much? Take it easy and eventually check also this:

For {not only} absent friends

LOVE, FRiENDSHiP ~ GEORGE SCHELiNGER songpack > download here
LiFE, PROSPERiTY ~ další můj balíček od Jirky Schelingera. Textové poselství ovšem jen pro ty, kdo rozumí česky ;-)

LOVE, MiLo <3


SUN PROPELLER - throat singers from Tuva

HUUN-HUUR-TU  (Russia-Tuva)
7.4.2011 19:30
Divadlo u hasičů, Římská 40, Praha 2

Po 2,5 letech navštíví Prahu světoznámý soubor Huun-Huur-Tu:

Kaigal-ool Khovalyg - vocal, igil, toshpulur,chansy
Radik Tyulyush - vocal, byzaanchi, khomuz
Sayan Bapa - vocal, toshpur, guitar
Alexej Saryglar - vocal, tungur, dazhaaning khavy 

Soubor Huun-Huur-Tu pochází ze sibiřského města Kyzylu, hlavního města Tuvy, autonomní republiky Ruské federace. Tuva se stala legendárně proslulou mezi vyznavači hrdelního zpěvu, k nimž soubor patří. Odedávna zde tímto způsobem zpívali původní obyvatelé sibiřské tajgy. Při hrdelním zpěvu dokáže jeden zpěvák zpívat současně dva i tři tóny. Využívá k tomu alikvótní zvuky, kterých dosahuje zvláštní vokální technikou, jež selektivně rozšiřuje přirozenou harmonii hlasu. Huun-Huur-Tu doprovázejí svůj zpěv tradičními hudebními nástroji. Koncem osmdesátých let přestala být Tuva uzavřená okolnímu světu a začala se mu otvírat svou jedinečnou přírodou a kulturou. Soubor Huun-Huur-Tu má na tom značný podíl - cestuje po světě a předvádí své fenomenální umění. Skupina byla založena v roce 1992. Jejím cílem se stalo obnovení dávných tradic, vzkříšení starých a zapomenutých písní, ale členové Huun-Huur-Tu se věnují nejen tradičnímu hudebnímu umění, vkládají do něj i další prvky. Skupina reprezentuje nejznámější žánr tuvanské hudby, xöömei (hrdelní zpěv). Její vystoupení je možné přirovnat k lexikonu hudebního napodobování, ve kterém jsou zvuky přírody mimeticky převáděny do hudebních obrazů (spolupráce s F. Zappou, Ry Cooderem, The Chieftains, Kronos Quartet a L. Shankarem).
Huun-Huur-Tu at Philadelphia Folk Festival - YouTube
Huun-Huur-Tu website

Název souboru z Tuvy znamená doslova "sluneční vrtule" - svislé oddělení paprsků světla, ke kterému dochází těsně po svítání nebo před soumrakem. Pro členy Huun-Huur-Tu představuje refrakce světla, utvářející tyto paprsky, analogii k refrakci zvuku, vytvářející harmonické kmitočty při jejich hrdelním zpěvu.

Další koncerty JMW 2011:
12.4.2011 21:00, Jazz Time, Krakovská 19, Praha 1
13.4.2011 21:00, Jazztime, Krakovská 19, Praha 1
14.4.2011 21:00, Jazztime, Krakovská 19, Praha 1
16.4.2011 21:00, Jazztime, Krakovská 19, Praha 1
18.4.2011 21:00, Jazz Time, Krakovská 19, Praha 1
6.5.2011 19:30, Divadlo u hasičů, Římská 45, Praha 2
JOHN B. WILLIAMS QUINTET  (USA/Brazílie/Rakousko/Arménie)
10.5.2011 21:00, Jazztime, Krakovská 19, Praha 1
28.5.2011 21:00, Jazztime, Krakovská 19, Praha 1
20.6.2011 19:30, Divadlo u hasičů, Římská 45, Praha 2
ELEMOTHO (Namibie)
2.7.2011 21:00, Jazztime, Krakovská 19, Praha 1

více informaci na http://www.jmw.cz/