Album of the week and P.F. o5: INGEBRiGT HAKER FLATEN CHiCAGO SEXTET - Live At Jazz Festival Saalfelden 2011 (2012)

Dave Rempis - reeds
Jeff Parker - guitar
Ola Kvernberg - violin
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten - acoustic bass, electric bass, electronics
Jason Adasiewicz - vibraphone
Frank Rosaly - drums

Label Tektite Records [TR03LP] [Vinyl, LP, Numbered, Limited Edition]
Released September 2012
Recorded Live August 27, 2011, Jazzfestival Saalfelden©11


Album of the week: JOHN ESCREET - Sound, Space And Structures (2014)

Evan Parker: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone,
John Escreet: piano,
John Hebert: bass,
Tyshawn Sorey: drums.

Label Sunnyside Records [SSC1386],
Released 13 May 2014,
Recorded September, 2013.


Name your price Bandcamp compilation by Cuneiform Records

Cuneiform Records Presents

Cuneiform Turns 30!: The Albums of 2014 –

a "Name Your Price" Compilation Album
in Celebration of the Label's 30th anniversary year

This 20 song compilation album, Cuneiform Turns 30, features nearly 2 hours of music
selected from albums that Cuneiform released in 2014
It is available to stream or download at a price of your choosing via Cuneiform's Bandcamp page:

1. Led Bib - New Teles [from The People In Your Neighbourhood] 05:18
2. the cellar and point - white cylinder (a) [from ambit] 04:10
3. Present - Ersatz [from Le Poison Qui Rend Fou] 09:15
4. Dylan Ryan / Sand - Trees, Voices, Saturn [from Circa] 04:36
5. Anthony Pirog [ft. Michael Formanek and Ches Smith] - The Great Northern [from Palo Colorado Dream] 05:53
6. Sonar - Static Motion [from Static Motion] 08:02
7. Richard Pinhas & Oren Ambarchi - Washington, D.C. - T4V1 (excerpt) [from Tikkun] 05:51
8. Raoul Björkenheim / eCsTaSy - El Pueblo Unido [from eCsTaSy] 05:46
9. Rob Mazurek and Black Cube SP - Return the Tides (excerpt) [from Return the Tides: Ascension Suite and Holy Ghost] 06:56
10. The Microscopic Septet - Let's Coolerate One [from Manhattan Moonrise] 05:12
11. Mats/Morgan - Rubber Sky [from [schack tati]] 02:58
12. Thumbscrew: Mary Halvorson, Michael Formanek & Tomas Fujiwara - Cheap Knock Off [from Thumbscrew] 05:58
13. Present - Promenade Au Fond D'un Canal (excerpt) [from Triskaidekaphobie] 07:30
14. Jonathan Badger - Limbec [from Verse] 06:43
15. Led Bib - Giant Bean (excerpt) [from The Good Egg] 05:06
16. Joel Harrison - John The Revelator [from Mother Stump] 05:08
17. Happy Family - Slide [from Minimal Gods] 05:01
18. Richard Pinhas & Yoshida Tatsuya - Part One - Intro [from Welcome In The Void] 04:15
19. Ideal Bread - Crops [from Beating the Teens: Songs Of Steve Lacy] 04:16
20. The Ed Palermo Big Band - Why Is the Doctor Barking? [from Oh No! Not Jazz!!] 05:49  


INNER SPACES (POL / CZ) celebrate 5 years on the scene

Polish-Czech jazz group INNER SPACES celebrate their 5th Birthday with precious small tour, focused on Praha. Band recorded two albums during its existence: Inner Spaces (Jazz Forum 2o11) as quintet and Light Year (Animal Music 2o12) as sextet with David Dorůžka.

20.11. - London, Spice of Life
21.11. - Pardubice, Divadlo 29
22.11. - Havlíčkův Brod, Festjazz
23.11. - Brno, Alterna
25.11. - Praha, Kaštan
26.11. - Praha, Jazz Dock
27.11. - Praha, U malého Glena
28.11. - Praha, Reduta
29.11. - Paris, Jazzycolours


Štěpánka Balcarová - trumpet
Luboš Soukup - saxophone
Vít Křišťan - piano
Max Mucha - bass
Grzegorz Masłowski - drums
David Dorůžka - guitar


George Haslam in Prague 2o14

George Haslam's FreeTime (UK / CZ / SK)
28.11. U prince Miroslava, 20:30
George - baritone sax, tagoato
Swetja - guitar, saw, fujara
Jozef Laska - bass
Petr Zimak - drums

29.11. Jazz Time 20:30
George Haslam - baritone sax, tarogato
Jozef Laska - bass
Petr Zimak - drums
Jarda Koran - percussion
Agnes Kutas - violin

Jozef has new acoustic double bass!

FB events:     


FATES WARNiNG :: Through Different Eyes

We're walking within a shadow
Where echoes of different times resound
Looking for memories to relive
In yesterdays that can't be found
Through different eyes
We keep looking for what we lack
Changing minds
Take us away, and you can't go back
And staring into ageless eyes
That shared secrets too dark for light
We're searching for old bonds in places
That lie forever out of sight
Through different eyes
We keep looking for what we lack
Changing minds
Take us away, and you can't go back
To different times
Or ageless eyes, free from sorrow
Changing hearts
Will hide the past from tomorrow
Through different eyes we try to find
People and places we've left behind.

Music & lyrics by Jim Matheos



News on Cuneiform label

From Cuneiform press release:
It's Fall 2014, the 3rd season of Cuneiform's 30th year, and we're releasing, worldwide, 6 genre-crossing/defying new albums by artists on two continents. That has us thinking of travel, of crossing borders, transversing the globe. We think of trains, and boats and planes – large, powerful machinery built to cut through space and time – as means to transport us across vast areas in reasonable time. But the most powerful transportation vehicle is not mechanics – it's music. Music is the magic carpet that carries us through space and time in the blink of an eye. A single note or a phrase can transport our minds to a beloved location thousands of miles away, and instantly time-travel us into an envisioned future – or plunge us backwards, deep into our past. It is the vehicle of our dreams, the transport of our souls, the medium for our emotions, the breath on which our spirits sail. Music's transcendant power – it's ability to transport us to a different plane – is nowhere more apparent and powerful than on Return the Tides: Ascension Suite & the Holy Ghost. Recorded by Rob Mazurek & Black Cube SP in Brazil, following the tragic death of Mazurek's mother, the music was meant, says Mazurek, "to be a shamanistic journey where we sonically clear a path for my mother into the unknown to ensure her safe journey to the next." While aligned musically with avant-jazz, Return the Tides may perhaps best be described as a modern psychedelic spiritual. It is an astonishing work, resistant to being confined and musically, emotionally and spiritually transportive.

Two other new Cuneiform Fall 2014 releases were inspired by cherished memories of distant places and times past. DC's top guitarist, Anthony Pirog, named his new album, Palo Colorado Dream, in memory of a road that ran between Big Sur and his childhood California home. And Circa, the new album by LA-based Dylan Ryan / Sand, was conceived amidst moonlit music performances overlooking the Libyan Sea, and fleshed out on the road, on a tour spanning several continents. Stylistically-omnivorous, steeped liberally in both rock and jazz, these two guitar-centric, musically evocative discs transport listeners to musical worlds beyond the ordinary, and to blissful emotional climes. Cuneiform's new releases also include a 3rd guitar-centric album: Verse, by Baltimore guitarist/philosopher Jonathan Badger. While the cover art features aerial photos taken by Badger, including a plane in flight, the music transports us beyond mere time and place. Badger has rigged his guitar to trigger a symphony of samples when played - transporting us into an imaginary orchestra. And the otherworldly music that it plays manifests ideas from Badger's 2012 philosophy book, Sophocles and the Politics of Tragedy: Cities and Transcendence.

Circling back to planet earth, we have a new release called Ambit (a term defined as "limit, bounds or confines" or "circuit of circumference") by New Yorker's The Cellar and Point. Combining stylistic elements from alt-rock, modern classical music and jazz, and instrumentation from all three genres, the ensemble creates music that defies being confined in any singe genre. Described by the band as "garage-chamber" and by the New York Times as "ethereal chamber prog", their genre-transcendent music is a new, Jazz-infused, 21st century version of Chamber Rock, the classical/rock hybrid music that Cuneiform has championed for what is now three decades. Which brings us to Happy Family, the first Japanese band that Cuneiform signed. Shortly after founding Cuneiform in 1984, Steve Feigenbaum began distributing the label's releases worldwide, introducing our artists and their genre-defying music to new audiences in the Americas, Europe, Japan and beyond. By 1993 I had come on board to deepen and expand the international scope of Cuneiform's press and radio promotion. One of the first bands I worked with was Happy Family, who released two "Zeuhl"/Magma-influenced recordings on Cuneiform and were acclaimed as stars of the Rock-in-Opposition (R.I.O.) tradition, as manifested in Japan. Now, in 2014, they are back with a new Cuneiform release, called Minimal Gods, and a refreshingly bold and new alt-rock sound. Celebrating their new release and long-standing affiliation with R.I.O. ideals, Happy Family will perform in November 2014 at the first-ever Rock in Opposition Festival to be held in Japan. Besides Happy Family, four other Cuneiform bands (from Europe and Scandinavia) will perform at RiO-Japan, for more information, please see our blog. So yes, we've now traced the Ambit and come full-circle, travelling virtually around the globe, across genre boundaries and spiritual and philosophical planes with our bands. We hope that you've enjoyed the journey, and we invite you to more closely explore each of these 6 new discs. In closing, we'll quote Swedish band, Mats/Morgan to say: "Thanks for Flying with Us".




New releases on Signals from Arkaim

Netlabel Signals from Arkaim conitinues in releasing ongoing stream of remarkable improv releases, sometimes closer to jazz, sometimes to other corners of improvising movement. Here is one of those more jazzy. (Click on the title under the cover to go for release with album stream).

Signals from Arkaim: SFA033 - Ensemble 56: Live from Opava: Recorded live in Opava, Gottfrei, 23.9.2014 Miroslav Tóth – soprano saxophone Rafal Mazur – electric bass Mieczysław Górka – drums, p...

Limbo 10th Anniversary at Jazz Dock

Czech multinational group Limbo, brainchild of saxophonist Pavel Hruby, belongs to top jazz acts in Czech Republic from its beginning. Originally a trio of Hrubý, native Ukraine bassit Taras Voloshchuk and drummer Miloš Dvořáček, they became quartet with addition of trumpet player František Kučera. Their second album Kalimbo was nominated for music prize Anděl in Jazz & Blues category in 2008, same year they received regional prize Sagittarius in Kadaň as the best concert act in alternative genre. During its existence, Limbo underwent through some personal changes and in 2010 parallel electro-acoustic version was established, aside original acoustic quartet with new drummer Dušan Černák. Limbo played numerous jazz festivals in Czech and Europe and countless club concarts. Both line-ups of this special band with guesting original drummer Miloš Dvoracek will celebrate 10th anniversary on the scene with special concert at Jazz Dock in Prague. Documentary movie about the band will also be screened during the concert break. Friday night with Limbo on November 14th will start at 8PM.

LiMBO (acoustic) :
Pavel Hrubý – saxes, bassclarinet
František Kučera – trumpet, fluegelhorn
Taras Voloshchuk – double bass
Miloš Dvořáček – drums
Dušan Černák – drums

LiMBO (electro – acoustic) :
Pavel Hrubý – saxes
Michal Nejtek – piano, keyboards
Jiří Šimek – el. guitar, el. boxes
Tomáš Liška – double bass
Martin Kopřiva – drums
Tomáš Reindl – percussion

LiMBO (Self-released 2005, mp3 reissue Signals from Arkaim 2013)
KALiMBO (Amplion 2007)
OUT OF BODY (Amplion 2009)  [electro-acoustic version]
KONCERT (Poli5 2012)

Mixed set of tracks from all four Limbo albums at Soundcloud

First Limbo album can be also downloaded in flac format from inconstant sol blog.



Colosseum znovu v Čechách a na Moravě

Britská jazzrocková skupina Colosseum byla založena v roce 1968 progresivními jazzmany, kteří odešli z Bluesbreakers Johna Mayalla po vydání alba Bare Wires. Byli to všestranný bubeník Jon Hiseman, saxofonista Dick Heckstall-Smith a baskytarista Tony Reeves. Doplněni varhaníkem, klavíristou a vibrafonistou Dave Greensladem (ex-Chris Farlowe's Thunderbirds) a kytaristou Jamesem Litherlandem utvořili první sestavu. Od počátku znamenala jejich přítomnost na britské hudební scéně zjevení v tom nejlepším slova smyslu. Propojovala nejen rock s blues, ale především s jazzem a místy i soulem. Po dvou ceněných albech v roce 1969 nahrazuje Litherlanda Dave 'Clem' Clempson V této sestavě skupina vystoupila  v rámci Mezinárodního jazzového festivalu Praha 1969 a způsobila tehdy rozdělení našich jazzmanů na dva tábory: těch kteří je striktně odmítli, a těch kteří byli nadšeni (zajiste mezi ně patřili členové budoucého "kuřecího" Flamenga). Záhy doplňuje sestavu ostřílený zpěvák mocného hlasu Chis Farlowe a na místo Reevese přichází Mark Clarke. V r. 1971 se Colosseum rozchází, jako testament po sobě zanechává vynikající živé dvojalbum Live!. Za svou krátkou existenci se stali jednou z nejzásadnějších kapel fůze rocku, jazzu a blues.
Jon Hiseman a Mark Clarke hned pote zalozili rockovejsi kapelu Tempest (v prvni verzzi hral kytarista Allan Holdsworth. V letech 1975-7 vedl Hiseman jazzrockove Colosseum II s jinymi hraci (m.j. kytarista Gary Moore), hral a hraje take s kapelou Paraphernalia sve zeny Barbary Thompson. Dave Greenslade mel v letech 1973-5 vynikajici kapelu Greenslade s druhym klavesistou a zpevakem Dave Lawsonem (a take prvnim basistou Colossea Tony Reevesem), Clempson hral napriklad s Humble Pie.
Reunion Colossea na sebe nechal čekat do roku 1994, kapela vydala nový koncetní záznam, a postupně také tři nová studiová alba (z nichž to nejnovější, Time On Our Side, má vyjít ještě letos), reedice původních desek i luxusní kompilace. U nás vystoupilo znovuvzkříšené Colosseum již několikrát, poprve v divadle Archa kratce po svem reunionu. Po úmrtí Dicka Heckstall-Smithe v prosinci 2oo4 s Colosseem stabilně vystupuje žena Jona Hisemana, saxofonistka a flétnistka Barbara Thompson.

Colosseum vystoupí 19. listopadu 2o14 v Lucerna Music Baru v Praze a ještě předtím, 16. listopadu na Rock StarNight5 v moravských Kunovicích.


Colosseum na wikipedii

R.I.P. JACK BRUCE (14 May 1943 – 25 October 2014)



RAiNBOW - In The Eyes Of The World

Mysterious and dramatic keyboard introduction by Don Airey leads this Rainbow post-Dio masterpiece to excavating highs and climaxes. Also please note the vocal perfomance by ex-Marbles Graham Bonnet. From the album Down To Earth (1978).



JAZZ TiME, Krakovská 19, Praha 1

26.9.2014 -- 20:00


Martin Zbrožek - housle
Míra Hloucal - trubka
Přemek Tomšíček - trombon
Míra Honzák - kontrabas
Dušan Černák - bicí


Conny Bauer - trombon
Johannes Bauer - trombon
Matthias Bauer - kontrabas
Louis Rastig - piano

27.9.2014 -- 20:00


Josef Bláha - saxofony, klarinet, el. housle
Petr Löffler - saxofony
Luděk Záruba - basová kytara
Petr Večeřa - bicí


Theo Joergensmann - klarinet
Michael Marcus - a-klarinet, basklarinet, sopransaxofón; tenorsaxofón, baritonsaxofón a další

24.9.2014 21:00 Jazz Time, Krakovská 19, Praha 1
Belgická jazzová legenda Philip Catherine spolu se slovenským AMC Triem

5.10.2014 21:00 Jazz Time, Krakovská 19, Praha 1
Americko-polské “open-jazz-fusion“ trio vedené spoluhráčem Ornetta Colemana

8.10.2014 19:30 Divadlo u hasičů, Římská 45, Praha 2
Mladý izraelský pianista, známý spoluprací s Avishaiem Cohenem, po dvou a půl letech znovu se svým triem

27.10.2014 21:00 Jazz Time, Krakovská 19, Praha 1
Nejnovější projekt amerického vibrafonisty.

13.11.2014 21:00 Jazz Time, Krakovská 19, Praha 1
Odvážná švýcrsko-brazilská rormace skládající se z trubky, kytary a piana

Podrobnosti na www.jmw.cz


Kronos Quartet will celebrate their 40th anniversary in Prague


Svoji dráhu začal Kronos Quartet jako vysoce inovativní komorní ansámbl, během své 40leté existence ale mantinely vážné hudby mnohokrát prolomil. K jeho spolupracovníkům patří jak elita současných skladatelů - Steve Reich, Arvo Pärt, Phillip Glass - tak i velikáni rockové sféry či jazzu - David Bowie, Björk, Paul McCartney. Zcela unikátní kapitolou jeho tvorby jsou průniky do kulturně vzdálených žánrů - indické či africké hudby, a také adaptace blues, řeckého stylu rembetiko či skandinávských balad. Kronos Quartet je držitelem řady prestižních cen včetně Grammy. Předkládat jejich výčet ale postrádá smysl, protože nejvyšším oceněním je pro řadu hudebníků spolupráce s Kronos Quartetem, nejvíce prestižním ansámblem na světové scéně. Kronos vydal 50 alb s nepředstavitelnou šíří žánrů - od baroka přes minimalismus až po avantgardu, od filmové hudby Bollywoodu přes sufijské zpěvy až po exotické nástroje jako nyckelharpa či kora. Před více než dvaceti lety na své první pražské návštěvě houslista David Harrington, vedoucí souboru, řekl: "Pokud by byl Jimi Hendrix naživu, skládal by nejspíš pro nás." Letos oslaví Kronos Quartet v Praze 40 let své existence. Koncert proběhne v jednom z našich akusticky i divácky nejpříjemnějších sálů - ve Dvořákově síni v Rudolfinu. David Harrington osobně sestavil program tak, aby ukázal i ty nejskrytější barvy hudebního spektra, které Kronos nabízí.

Program: Bryce Dessner / Aheym (Homeward) Nicole Lizée / Death to Kosmische Clint Mansell (arr. David Lang) / Requiem for a Dream Suite Aleksandra Vrebalov / …hold me, neighbor, in this storm… Margarita Lecuona (arr. Osvaldo Golijov) / Tabú (Taboo) Geeshie Wiley (arr. Jacob Garchik) / Last Kind Words Laurie Anderson (arr. Jacob Garchik) / Flow Mary Kouyoumdjian / Bombs of Beirut

Kronos zahrají v sestavě:
David Harrington, housle
John Sherba, housle
Hank Dutt, viola
Sunny Yang, violoncello


JiŘíKOVO ViDĚNí - V poli strom / Tree In Field



Collegium Musicum returns to play a concert at Palác Akropolis in Prague

Do Prahy se na podzim vrací legenda československého rocku COLLEGiUM MUSiCUM. Vůbec poprvé ve své pětačtyřicetileté historii zahraje 8. října 2o14 v žižkovském Paláci Akropolis. Collegium musicum vystoupí ve své staibilní sestavě, tedy geniální lídr Marián Varga (varhany), Fedor Frešo (baskytara), František Griglák (kytara) a Martin Valihora (bicí). Historie kapely sahá do konce šedesátých let, lze ji vedle Progress Organization nazvat první progrockovou kapelou v bývalém Československu a také jednou z nejvýznamnějších na území bývalého východního bloku. Novodobá historie Collegia musica se krom jednorázových reunionů počítá od roku 2oo9, kdy kapela vystoupila v Čechách poprvé po téměř 20 letech na prvním Beatfestu ve velkém sále Lucerny. Za zmínku stojí i skutečnost, že současný bubeník Martin Valihora (jediný, který nepamatuje původní éru Collegia) studoval hru na bicí ve Spojených státech a natočil několik alb jako člen kapely hvězdné jazzové pianistky Hiromi.


Napříč - Konec léta u Skaláka, August 29-30

Annual festival of Czech alternative & underground music and poetry at South East Bohemia, Vysočina Shire 

:: MAP ::


see you soon :o)


PAUL DUNMALL / DUNS Limited Edition

Great British saxophonist and improviser Paul Dunmall decided to make digitally available almost complete output of his DUNS Limited Edition label. Albums in full entirety are posted on YouTube and on Inconstant Sol blog, where you can download them in flac format for free. Recordings made between circa 1994 and 2006 are including various improvisers, most notably Elton Dean, Philip Gibbs, Paul Rogers and Tony Levin ~~°°


inconstant sol blog ~ search for Paul Dunmall or individual improviser label / tag


Soft Eject - Nine Mountains Away (2003) [Full Album]

The last album by popular Georgian folk rock band Soft Eject represents a really beautiful, instrumental take on truly progressive folk. Tight rhythm section sets the stage for ubiquitous flute and french horn soloing, interpreting Georgian folk motives with quite a deal of originality. (from YouTube info)

OMEGA - Live at Grille, Minden, Germany 1975

OMEGA - Live at Grille, Minden, Germany 1975-05-23

Very good audience recording of major Magyar prog-rock band at the peak of their hard-rock period, between albums Omega 5 and Nem Tudom a Neved. Enjoy

01 Nem Tudom A Neved
02 Régvárt Kedvesem
03 A Buvész
04 Gyöngyhajú Lány
05 Drum Solo
06 Mozgó Világ
07 Addig Élj! > Keyboard Solo > A Madár
08 Régvárt Kedvesem
09 Varázslator, Fehér Kö


János Kóbor - lead vocals
György Molnár - guitars
László Benko - keyboards, vocals
Tamás Mihály - bass, vocals
Ferenc Debreceni - drums

Recorded by Herb Smith, originally uploaded by Lucifer Burns on dimeadozen.org.
Remastering and tracks repair by miloo2

DL LiNK in comments


Wakushoppu, May 13th, Café V lese

V rámci série Wakushoppu se v Cafe V lese (Krymská 12, Praha) 13. května od 20:00 představí dva experimentální hudební projekty:
Pronefoal a Urban Space Epics (Darrel Jonsson) provedou Elektronickou symfonii in D s motivy Blízkých setkání třetího druhu Stevena Spielberga a Symfonie č. 1 Gustava Mahlera.
Matěj Kratochvíl s fujarou, saxofonem, basklarinetem a smyčkami bude vzpomínat na návštěvu Terryho Rileyho na Horňáckých slavnostech ve Velké nad Veličkou.

As a part of the experimental music series Wakushoppu, two project will perform at Cafe V lese (Krymská 12, Prague):
Pronefoal in Collaboration with Urban Space Epics (Darrel Jónsson) will perform an Electronic Symphony in D, using motifs taken from Steven Spielberg’s, 'Close encounters of the third kind' and Gustav Mahler's Symphony No.1.
Matěj Kratochvíl with fujara, saxophone, bass clarinet and loops will recall the visit of Terry Riley at „Horňácké slavnosti“ folk music festival.


Red Baron Band will play 20th Anniversary concert in Prague Akropolis

Prague hard rock unit RED BARON BAND celebrates 20 years on stage with special concert at Prague Palác Akropolis on January 25th. Professional video recording of the concert is proposed to be released on DVD. Among various surprises there will be performing actual and almost all past members of the band, which celebrates 70's type hard rock music with distinctive prog elements on their numerous concerts and four albums released during their existence.

Pražská hardrocková formace s příchutí progresivního rocku 70. let RED BARON BAND oslaví 25 ledna 20 let své existence velkým koncertem v pražském Paláci Akropolis. Vedle zakladatelské a dodnes pohromadě držící dvojice Paul Kowacz (kytary, zpěv) a Radek Horník (bicí) prošla kapelou za její existenci celá řada bassistů, a několik zpěváků i hráčů na klávesové nástroje, s nimiž vznikla postupně alba The First Album (2000), In The Light (2003), Music Must Change (2006) a Reflections (2010). Výroční koncert bude zvukově i obrazově zaznamenán a měl by posléze vyjít v podobě DVD. Kromě současných a většiny bývalých členů RBB se na pódiu objeví také hosté - jazzový pianista Emil Viklický na Fender piano a moog, zpěvačka Zuzana Michnová, nebo vibrafonista Radek Krampl, kteří se v roli hostů zůčastnili natáčení alba In The Light. Přítomna bude i malá dechová sekce, která účinkovala na tomtéž albu i některých dřívějších koncertech kapely. Kromě skladeb známých z alb Red Baron Bandu zazní i některé písně, které se vydání na deskách nedočkaly, pódiová prezentace bude doplněna videoprojekcí s raritními záběry z historie kapely.


Current and past members on stage:

Paul Kowacz - guitar, vocals / Radek Horník - drums, percussion / Jan Holeček - vocals, keyboards / Mirek Jech - vocals, theremin / Monika Infernalis - vocals / Vratislav Sýkora - vocals / Mikuláš Čimbura, Vilém Mikyška, Ondřej Štěpánek, keyboards / Mechy, Jiří G Rubeš, Matyáš Sedlák, Jarda Hynek, Matuch - bass

Guests: Emil Viklický - rhodes piano, mini moog / Zuzana Michnová - vocals / Radek Krampl - vibrphone / Richard Malát - flute / Radek Něměc - trumpet / Kamil Jánský - tenor sax / Milan Král - trombone