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Third album of NTS trio, titled ZappornO, was released as vinyl LP plus digital download (actually in preparation). Produced by Simon Ratcliffe of Basement Jaxx.

The abbreviation NTS means the common project of three musicians with different genre background: composer of contemporary art-music and keyboard player Michal Nejtek, jazz double-bass player Petr Tichý and the rock drummer Štěpán Smetáček.


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From earlier Amplion Records releases:

From the album "Phoenix" (Amplion Records 2016)

Michal Nejtek - piano, keyboards
Pavel Hrubý - soprano, alto & tenor sax
Jaromír Honzák - double bass
Daniel Šoltis - drums, percussion

Spontaneous compositions by four Czech jazz & contemporary music masters, recorded August 2015 at Sono Records, Czech Republic. Produced by Alexej Charvát.

From the album "Kompas" (Amplion Records 2015)

Zuzana Dumková - vocals, electric guitar, slide guitar.
Marcel Bárta - tenor & soprano sax.
Josef Štěpánek - steel guitar.
Michal Nejtek - keyboards.
Andrés Ibarburu - bass guitar.
Miloš Dvořáček - drums.

Music, lyrics & arrangement by Zuzana Dumková.


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International Music Festival Dobršská brána, August 25-26, 2o17

Dobršská brána (aka The Gate of Dobrš) Festival, located in historic village Dobrš (South Czech region, near Strakonice city) is focused on alternative crossfields of folklore, contemporary chamber music and improvisation. All the info about programme, place, accomodation, etc. can be found on Festival website.

Friday August 25

16.00 _ Garth Knox – kostel Zvěstování P. Marii
18.00 _ Mantaban3jo – zámek – venkovní pódium
20.00 _ Prázdné hory jsou plné větru a deště – zámek – venkovní pódium
22.00 _ Barry Guy & Maya Homburger – kostel Zvěstování P. Marii

Saturday August 26

11.00 _ John Buckley – lecture – zámek
14.00 _ Petr Tichý – kostel Zvěstování P. Marii
15.00 _ Anna Romanovská – kostel Zvěstování P. Marii
16.00 _ Gabriela Vermelho & Jakub Jedlinský – zvonice / kaple sv. Jana a Pavla
18.00 _ Nils Økland Ensemble – zámek – venkovní pódium
20.00 _ Garth Knox Saltarello Quartet – zámek – venkovní pódium
22.00 _ joint performance of all performers and opportunity to dance – hall of the pub “U Dražných”
17.00 _ Roštovanka – náves